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UV In The Light Spectrum.

HEPA Air Cleaners. UV Air Purifier Sale. Still more people suffer from upper respiratory problems that fall under the asthma diagnosis, but that are similarly triggered by pollutants such as mold, dust, smoke, and fungi. UV air purifiers, such as the CaluTech Blue from CaluTech, shield direct ultraviolet light from escaping the inside of the unit, sterilizing only the air that passes through the air cleaner. UV Air Cleaners. Established in 1995, CaluTech Technologies mission was to design a line of residential and commercial UV Air Purifiers that would address Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Sick Buildings.

And you can start breathing cleaner healthy purified air. Ultraviolet Light.

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Air Purifiers FAQ. Breathe Better with an Air Purifier Air Cleaner.

Mold, Mold Spores and UV.
Ultraviolet Water Purifiers. Clean Air Ultraviolet Air Purifier -.

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Industrial commercial air cleaners. "Everything You Need in Air Purifier".

How Ultraviolet Light.
Germicidal UV is aimed at the upper room air so that only airborne microbes are directly exposed. Now specifies that UV light should be used in air handling units to.

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American Made Ultraviolet Air Purifiers. FURNACE UV AIR PURIFIER SALE.

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And you can start breathing cleaner healthy purified air. With the CaluTech Blue UV purifier and air sterilizer installed in your home or business, you can breathe clean.

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In these pages you will learn about CaluTech and how experience and understanding has lead to a line of multi-patented residential & commercial purifiers that cannot be matched in quality and performance. We are able to provide germicidal ultraviolet light specifications for UV air and water purification systems, including custom UV units, for any facility.

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Represents companies with a focus on the UVC technology. CaluTech Technologies spent years developing the Ultraviolet Technology, which would make it possible to effectively and efficiently treat moving air with UV Energy.

Avian Influenza A (H5N1) information and CaluTech's ability to destroy the virus.